Residences 75


Lakefronts 9

CC&R Yes

Gated Entrance No

Private Homeowners Beach/ Pier Yes

What You Need to Know About Life in Lakeridge, Nevada

Straddling Highway 50 is the classy neighborhood of Lakeridge, which is divided into Upper and Lower Lakeridge based on which side of Highway 50 the residence is located. When you buy a home in Lakeridge, you’re the lucky recipient of breathtaking views of the Sierra Mountain Range, gorgeous visions of the calm waters of Lake Tahoe, and quick access to all of life’s modern conveniences.

Since 1966, the neighborhood of Lakeridge has been comprised of gorgeous, million-dollar homes that offer many amenities, including what locals refer to as “The Pavilion”. The pavilion is a special treat for homeowners and their guests as it’s comprised of a 20-foot wide dock which reaches out 100 feet into Lake Tahoe, allowing for spectacular panoramic views of the immaculate blue lake water. With picnic tables and benches situated under the pavilion, it’s the perfect spot for watching the sunset with friends or hosting a dinner party.

Further away from the lake, the amenities continue with excellent schools within the Douglas County School District, a close location to the California-Nevada state line which makes commuting to and from work a breeze, and plenty of dining and entertainment options. A favorite destination includes nearby Carson City, where less than 20 minutes away sits several local and national retailers, superb restaurants, a movie theater, and more.

The residents of Lakeridge care about preserving their beautiful community, which is why they’ve invested projects that focus on fire safety and maintenance of the storm sewers to ensure that Lake Tahoe stays looking clean and beautiful with their homes safe from any natural disasters.